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Ferru'Dar wished for civilization and thus he made the Vuleii to be the advocates and preservers of civilization. By fusing the pure divine energies of his flesh with the planar material of The Void Ferru'Dar made a flawless orb of Planar Glass, The Heart of the Flawless Emperor, and inscribed it with every arcane rune from every ring of his flawless, primordial chainmail. He sent The Heart of the Flawless Emperor into the Desert, atop the Flawless Peaks, and began to unravel the threads of his divine muscles, formed from the memories and emotions of every event in ages past. Ferru'Dar poured more than half of his divine body into a stream of these threads and sent them hurtling into The Heart of the Flawless Emperor, fueled by what little was left of his divine energies. The two divine components fused with one another and created a cascade of radiant pellets that showered over the Flawless Peaks; the primordial energies of the land breathing life into the pellets. This gave birth to the Vuleii, their bodies made from the very planes and their memories born from those of ages past.

Personality: A Vuleii’s personality vary depending on the lineage of divine memories that course through them. Generally they are very accepting and open minded people although they hold a reverence to civilization and laws in general, although not those that they perceive as corrupt laws. Generally a Vuleii never holds a great interest or reverence for nature and rarely ever chose to become a rangers or druids.

Physical Description: Vuleii are tall and graceful humanoids, standing at an average 6-7ft. Vuleii have red eyes, most the color of fine rubies, though their skin and hair colors can be of any tone, often varying beyond what would be normal for a human. On the chest of every Vuleii appears a number of arcane runes circling his heart, containing his inner fire.

Relations: Vuleii generally get along well with most other races. Their interest in civilization as a whole leads them to promote good will and prosperity among all they encounter in an attempt to enrich civilization.

Alignment: Vuleii are almost always Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral. Very rarely would any be considered Evil.

Vuleiin Lands: Vu’Xiang is the capital of the Vuleiian Empire, and the only true city located amongst the mountains of the desert they call home. There are Vuleiian outposts at practically every oasis in the Iron Sands. Because of their drive to enhance their own civilization, Vuleii rarely, if ever, leave their homeland, seeking instead to improve it from within. A small number of “Fallen” Vuleii have assimilated with the Chosen of the Sand, though all other Vuleii see these as aberrant and wish to eliminate them.

Religion: Vuleii worship primarily Ferru'Dar, though they respect any gods who promote civilization and technology.

Language: Vuleii speak Vu'Yulin and common.

Names: Vuleiian names generally begin with the syllable “Vu,” meaning “Flawless,” in reference to Ferru'dar's title of Flawless Emperor.
Rihn, Vu’Fahr, Xi’luo, Jiahn, Zhi’Fahn, Long’guo, Vu’Quan, Hi’Dahn.

Adventurers: Vuleii seldom travel from home, but when they do, they generally take on frontline or striker roles, using their mobility and natural dexterity to their advantage.

Vuleiin Racial Traits
Vuleii possess the following traits

Fallen Vuleii

The Fallen Vuleii are a sect of Vuleii who refused to follow the rest of their species when the Flawless Peaks were destroyed. Many stayed, refusing to leave their destroyed homes, while others simply went mad during their Fall, becoming unable to follow. Those that survived have been inducted into the ChosenOfSand Chosen of Sand.

Fallen Vuleii are identical to normal Vuleii except as follows:

Alignment: Always Chaotic. Most Vuleii who remained after the Fall were driven mad by the events, causing them to become deeply chaotic.

Religion: Fallen Vuleii are either too mad to worship any gods or worship Klik'chak, revering his power to consume the Flawless Peaks beneath the sands while Ferru'Dar could only watch helplessly. Klik'chak is often referred to as the Flawless Destroyer.

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