The World Web

A Web Ensnaring All Of Existance

Traits:Normal Gravity
Normal Time
Divinely Morphic
Sporadic Energy and Elemental Traits: The closer you go to a gate to a certain plane, the more prominant the traits of that plane are.
Mildly Neutral-Aligned
Normal Magic
Home to: Xam

The World Web is exactly that: A spiderweb suffused to every plane. By walking on it's strands, which vary from a hair's thinness to miles wide, one comes to clumps. These clumps are related to geometric designs and spiderwebs on other planes. So near gates to TheBurningVoid The Burning Void one will see that fire magics are enhanced, while near TheEndlessSwamp The Endless Swamp it is more humid and smells rather swampish.

Xam lives here in his Web Palace, a castle made of spiderwebs, guarded by humanoid petitioners mounted on lung dragons and spiders.

Lung Dragons can Spirit Shift into the World Web instead of the Void if they so wish.

List of All Planes
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