Xam, The Second Creator


Title(s):The Second Creator
Home Plane:World Web
Power Level:Overdeity(DR 21, Evo 1)
Class:Wizard 26 / Bard 20 / Archmage 10
Alignment:True Neutral
Portfolio:Dragonkin, shepherding, thoughts
Domains:Animal, Balance, Creation, Dragon, Family
Begotten By:The Creator
Begot:Enigma, Kaern, Xiua'Hi, Ramus
The Second Creator
Xam, the Second Creator
Played by AlchemyPrime
Xam was created alongside Eul and the Playground. He has a theory that his soul IS the Playground, that he represents what it is, and Eul what it isn't. Xam tries hard to be very wise and to be a good leader or father figure to the gods and mortals of Playground, though his naivety causes most other gods to simply ignore him. His impulsive creativity usually outweighs his rational thought, giving rise to some 'interesting' if convoluted creations.

He is allied with his four children, Enigma, XiuaHi Xiua'Hi, Kaern and Ramus, as well as his grandchildren Coberal and Evadize.

Holy Symbol: An eye above a gray plane
Favored Weapon: Staff
Creations: Herd animals, lupins, lycanthropes, wolves, spiders, lung dragons, The World Web, wizards, warlocks, archmages, the Dragonborn blessing/curse
Important Followers: Althonar (Wizard15/Archmage3)
Combat: Caster 36 (Wizard/Archmage), Stirker 20 (Bard)

The Creator created Xam and the Playground and threw away the leftovers. The leftovers from the Playground was the TheShadowofthePlayground Shadow of the Playground and the leftovers from Xam was Eul.

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