Title(s):Daimyo of Solid Testements, The Lord of Night, Holder of Many Titles, The False Judge, The Prodigal Son, Father of Portals, The Moon Father, Keeper of Contracts, Smiling Start, The Bright Eye, Earth Dragon, The Scales of the Just, The Verdant Lord
Home Plane:The Rice Fields
Power Level:Greater Deity(DR 16)
Class:Druid 8/Sorcerer 8/Arcane Hierophant 10/Mystic Theurge 2/True Namer 6/Swordsage 14
Alignment:True Neutral
Portfolio:Earth, the Moon, Promises, Portals, Arcane Energies, Births, Nature
Domains:Earth, Moon, Balance, Pact, Portal, Magic, Creation, Nature
Begotten By:Xam
Begot:Dla, Evadize, Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll ap Xiau'hi, Chochin, Corberal, Lindorn,Cerwch yn Ddidasog(daughter, but not begotten), The Iher, Xochitl
Played by Vasae(Innis Cabal)

Created by Xam, Xiua'Hi supports and watchs all of creation. Slow to action, prefering to rest and watch over quick movement and rash action.

Holy Symbol: An evenly balanced four armed scale
Favored Weapon: Twelve Contimplations(Broadsword)
Worshipers: Moon cults, farmers, druids, martial combatants, Mages, Mid Wives, Builders, Mothers, Lawyers, Lycanthropes
Avatar: N/A
Artifacts: The Forbiddan Puzzle Box, Varr's Scroll, Tasogare, The Earth Render, Sakti, The Tethers of Sakti and Evad, The Ruby Wall
Creations: Elves, Hachi, Srem, Shadar-Kai, Zarier, Plant Life, The Moon, The Flow, The Evad and Dal'Cory Islands, Kuo-Toa, Tarrasque, The Swaying Grass, The Tasogare, The Earth Render, Kobolds, Flinds, Gnolls, The Plateau, Tethers of Evad, Tethers of Sakti, Sakti, The Iher, The Ruby Wall
Important Followers: Yen, The Rice Field Shoku, The Script Born

Xiua’hi was the second born son of Xam, created when Xam wondered allowed what he walked upon, awakening the slumbering god and creating the Playground in the same action. Xiua’hi has a large family linage, holding most gods as at least distant cousins. Xiua’hi is slow to anger, tending to simply rest and allow the world to balance itself out, creating and nurturing when needed. Due to his expansive creations, the Earth Lord has taken and holds many forms, appearing in different guises to the varied races in the world. To the elves, he appears as a powerfully built elven male in gray robes with flowing silver hair, to the dragons and monsters, he appears as a single towering pillar of stone covered in runes and scars, to the Hachi and the Srem he appears as a towering man made of constantly melting silver. Most other races simply see a reflection of their own race, though the hair and eyes remain a glowing liquid silver. Xiua’hi’s ancient and original form is a single expansive of earth, and while he maintains this form deep in his inner being, it has changed to a small earthen orb, covered in powerful silver runes, a single long scar marring its otherwise perfect surface. This form has lately been changed to its very core, the Earth Lord now appearing as a tall elven-esque creature woth two sets of arms, towering over all mortal races. He wears a simple hakama of deep purple shades, and wields four seperate indescripte broad swords in combat.

Xiua’hi has a passing relationship with all gods of Playground, either through direct contact or scrying the mortal world. Though he views the younger gods constant meddling with the mortal world a grevious sin, his judgment has passed, and he has continued to retreat into the planes least he grow to enraged. While he respects his father Xam, and holds a certain balanced kinship to his uncle Eul, Xiua’hi views only his brothers Enigma and Kaern as his closest friends, respecting their input over even his own. All other gods, those he has kinship to and those who found their way to the world of Playground are viewed as young and brash, giving those gods who showed him respect his kindness and time, while those who have shown him rudeness little more then a passing mention.

All things must be in balance, for that is the only way the world can be maintained. Only through total balance can one learn true wisdom and harmony in the world, and cast away the mortal form to gain life in the Seat of Heaven.

Xiua’Hi’s temples and clergy vary greatly by race, and even sometimes by region

Zarier: The Zarier view Xiua’hi as a grand wanderer, always marked in the sky, crossing it at the night and showing their way to their home. Temples and clergy are based strictly on ships, never on the earth, and are simple alters and ship captains

Srem: The Srem call Xiua’hi the Moon Father, praising his creation of their land, and worshiping him as a father figure. Clerics dress in white and silver form fitting clothing, every building in essence a temple or shrine to his existence.

Shadar-Kai: The Shadar-Kai call Xiua’hi the Night Lord, worshiping him not simply as the father of the moon and their people but the one who ushers in the darkness they dwell in, shining as a single beacon in the hopes to guide them to further heights. Clerics dress in somber black chain, their temples open affairs with vaulted roofs and many windows to allow the moon to shine through to their mass’s

Ushuru: The Ushuru worship Xiua’hi as the Swaying Grass, praying to him in the mid afternoon. Clerics of the Ushuru wear simple grass woven robes, though no actual temples are built for his worship

Elves: Both breeds of Elves worship Xiua’hi as their creator, the elves of Ramua regard him as little more, worshiping Dla as their single most important god. The elves of Xiua have been bred with the idea that magic is the supreme creation, though it is a small bit of deception on Xiua’hi’s part, placing himself as the source of the magic they channel. To the Ahnentafal Al’v he is known as the The Twilight.

The Hachi: The Hachi call Xiua’hi the Earth Lord, or the Single Father, though no actual clergy or temples are evident in Hachi society, the act of worship a part of their lifestyle as much as anything else. Only the King of the Hachi nation leads the entire race in prayer on the high holy days of the Earth Lord

Dragons: The Gem Dragons of the world view Xiua’hi as the creator of their template, not truly as their sole creator. Most religious dragons offer him a single prayer in the morning as the moon sets. No actual temples to Xiua’hi have been built by dragons for the sole use of worship
Other races: Those races not made by the Earth Lord vary almost on a case by case basis, finding the teachings of the Earth Lord

Monsters: Monsters made by Xiua’hi worship him more in an occult manner, viewing him as a primal creature of hunger and darkness, the moon a single eye gazing upon them, watching and waiting for them to grow weak. Though he holds many titles in their languages, Bright Eye is the most common derivative used in the common languages.

Druids: Having taken on the domain and portfolio as his son Evadize, Xiua'hi has taken over the duty of granting the power and spells of the druids of the world. They refer to him as the Verdant Lord

The Rice Field Shoku: When Xam created the Shoku, Xiua'hi reeached out and caught some of the breath that instilled them with life and placed it within the plane he had created. It then went though the portals and rice patties, and imbued the life found near by with the power of the Shoku. They dwell within cities built on the plane, and all dress in black and gray robes.

The Scriptborn: Unlike the vast majority of the creatures of Xiua'hi, the scriptborn were created by an outside source for the sole purpose to give praise to the Earth Lord for all his domains. They refer to him as the Earth Lord and his many other titles. His priests dress in sculpted armor an cloaks, and many practive the art of a four sword style known as the Simple Strike

Others: Xiua'hi has recently made claim on the act of births, an action every living creature has done at one point. Mid Wives and other's pay homage to the Starting Smile for a clean and safe birth.

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