Title(s):Judge Nahar, Lord of Oceans, Creator of the Water-Orcs
Home Plane:The Playground
Power Level:Demigod (DR 5)
Class:Barbarian 10/Cleric 16
Alignment:Chaotic Evil
Portfolio:Sunken Ships
Domains:Oceans, Watery Death, Chaos
Begotten By:The Destroyer
Played by Goglas

Yam represents the oceans at their worst, unbound and free. Most of his time he spends at his palace, an ancient, huge, sunken ship; located at the deepest, darkest corner of his oceans. When he comes out, he usually appears as a humanoid cloaked in a black robe, carrying a beautiful Longsword he can barely hold. He is usually nice and secluded unless someone angers him (An easy thing to do), at which point his eyes turn red and the sword doesn't appear to be as heavy (This is where the Unbound and Free part comes in).
His symbol comes from his "pet", a colossal seven-headed sea-serpent (DR0), usually seen swimming the seas or charging in battle with Yam on one of the necks.
His goal, as far as most of the gods know, is to gain total control of the ghosts of people who died at his seas, so he may judge whether they are worthy of hunting his waters and protecting his palace.
His secretive goal, however, is only known to himself, for it is a dark goal: The god of oceans views land as inferior to his waters, so he seeks to submerge all land under his oceans, so he may rule over all of Playground.

Holy Symbol: A white-skinned seven-headed sea-serpent
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Worshipers: Water-Orcs, Humanoids living on or near the oceans and all the creatures of the sea
Avatar: None
Artifacts: None
Creations: Water-Orcs
Important Followers: Zaddon

Combat: Warrior 10, Divinity 16
Yam was created by The Destroyer, falling out of the sky into Ocean's Wound. From there, after creating Zaddon, he started exploring the planes, discovering his purpose and making a name for himself.

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