The Zarier

Zarier are one of the three Promised Races, created by Xiua’hi to roam the waters and earth of the world. Zarier are a nomadic, vagabond race that tend to small knit family structures. They have been taken in by Chochin, and taught the art of boat building by the Lantern Dragon. They have been called the Trade Fey by many.

Personality: Zarier are wild and exotic spirits, adoring the open wild over cities. They tend to value trade and those who keep their word over all else.

Physical Description: Zarier are muscled and well toned, even at a young age, due to their physical activity. Though not physicaly strong, they make up with a powerful agility that would put even most beats to shame. Their hair tends to be the colors of flame, reds and oranges are the most common. Each bares a single tattoo from bith, typically on their chest or back.

Relations: Zarier are well known by many races, and are one of the most prominent race in Neotrelding

Alignment: Zarier tend towards chaotic and neutral alignments

Zarier Lands: Zarier are ever present on the islands of Kelda and the grand continent of Xiua in small trading posts and villages.
Religion: Zarier worship Gliss, Xiua and Chochin to an exclusion of all other gods. They pay lip service to others, but only to keep themselves safe from harm

Langauge: Zarier can start play with any language

+2 dex, +2 cha, -4 str
Xiua’Hi’s Curse
Dark Vision: Zarier have dark vision out to 60 feet.
Medium Fey
Tattoo: Each Zarier is born with a special tattoo, that designates him as either a standsman or a vagabond. Standsman are born with a golden tongue, and the faces so trusting they could con even their own mothers, Standsmen have a +5 modifier to the diplomacy skill, and diplomacy and sense motive become class skills. Vagabonds are born adept swimmers, and need only succeed a DC 10 swim check to succeed any swim check, balance and move silently also become class skills.
Favored Class: Standsman-Any
Vagabond: Rogue

The Promise of Attraction

Each Zarier bear's the mark of the Promise of Attraction on their shoulders from birth. While the mark varies from child to child, each mark is a source of pride, and dictates a large portion of what the newly born Zarier shall do in his life. Each Zarier are affected by a wanderlust so deeply ingrained in their souls that even at the cost of their lives, they shall forever wander. Any Zarier that lays dormant for more then 12 hours becomes restless, suffering a -4 to all social skills until they travel at least to another point of scenery.
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